Scholarship Essay

Assignments – can the students handle it?

Assignments, that word again. This is one word that spells out work and anxiety in many a student. In the learning process, many pieces of work are required from the student – continuous assessment tests, random assessment tests, term papers, research papers, college essays, to mention just a few. These papers require a lot of research, especially as the level of study goes up. For those seeking to undertake Masters Degree Programs, scholarship essays are an unavoidable necessity because they need the additional financial assistance for their course work. This means that thy have to write near-perfect admission and application essays, followed by even more rigorous entrance essays.

But even those seeking for their first degree sometimes have to write very persuasive essays in order to get into their college of choice. The same is the case when applying to certain universities. The experience gained from writing high-school essays can be a great help, because very diligent research is required in order to produce a well written high quality entrance essay before one can be admitted. And once in the much coveted system, come theses papers and dissertations, what a load! Theses and dissertations are mandatory requirements for some degree courses. For these formal, elaborate argumentative discourse papers, the students must be well versed in the world of knowledge within which they are to write very argumentative essays to support their advancing new points of view resulting from their research. The guidelines and requirements set Undergraduate essays and MBA essays do not make these assignments any easier. Strict deadlines are to be followed, failure to which students may be penalized for late handing in of their assignments.

But are all these assignments doable?

Can these students competitively and efficiently handle the workload assigned to them? They have no option but to do so, because the grades assigned to them will depend on this very much. Much hard work, determination, diligence and persistence has to go into every project handled, and this has to be done with every bit of care. Is it all worth it at the end of the day? You bet it is! When I finally get assigned to the post of Director, or Manager in a wonderful company that appreciates my high graded degree resulting from my hard work, I sure will be glad that I put my very best foot forward in my class and take-home assignments!