Top Guide to Writing Essay Conclusion

An essay has three important parts and that are the introduction, the main body and a conclusion. All these elements are the key to structure an essay in a more logical and coherent way. If any of these elements are missing from an essay it has no substance and is incomplete where readers may reject it and all your efforts will go in vain. The introduction is the first part of an essay and it has to be spot on right from the beginning because it helps grab readers’ attention. After the introduction the main body is written where all the facts and figures along with arguments are presented to prove or disprove a point. Lastly a strong conclusion is written to wrap up the entire essay in a single paragraph. The main focus of this article is on writing the essay conclusion. Please continue reading to find out the ways to write an essay conclusion.

Write a Summary

When we talk about writing a summary in a conclusion it does not mean that you should summarize the entire essay. Instead you are required to summarize the most important points of the essay in two to three sentences at the most. There is no need to repeat anything just focus on summarizing the key points of the essay in two to three sentences. Try to be as direct and to the point you can be. Avoid anything that is out of the context because it can ruin the whole essay.

Write Suggestions or Solutions

Once you have a brief summary of the most important points of the essay provide meaningful and useful suggestions or solutions to a problem already discussed in the essay. Provide a way out from a certain situation. You can also write down your personal opinion. Once again do not drag it and try to complete in few sentences. Once again follow the rule of being direct and to the point religiously as to avoid anything that is completely out of the context.

Restate the Thesis Statement

Restate the thesis statement from the introduction. The whole purpose is to remind the readers about the main objective of the essay. It reminds them what the entire essay is all about. Keep it short and to the point.

The conclusion should not be any longer than a single paragraph. Express your personal opinions as well as remind the readers about the main objective of the essay in a single paragraph. Do not try to drag it and keep things simple and short.